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I'm inspired, but how can I reduce my wine drinking even more?

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Hey…just want to say thank you!! Your simplicity and authenticity are extremely effective and wonderful.

I'm 25 years old (in a few weeks) and am a very busy, determined, inspired individual (almost done with my first book and in school for massage therapy).

Since several years ago, alcohol was an easy escape. (I used to deal with severe anxiety and now it's shifting…finally). Through this mindfulness, I've recently started exercising as a grounding ritual. It's still hard.

I've reduced quite a bit…and since I'm wanting to keep on my healthy path, I want to reduce my wine intake even more. Any advice…?

This question was submitted by 'Lauren'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hi Lauren and thanks; it's wonderful to hear how well you are getting on and how motivated and productive you are. And thank you for the kind comments, too. : )

The wonderful thing about using a mindfulness approach to overcome self-destructive patterns (including heightened anxiety) is that it becomes a case of letting go or even 'growing out of' rather than forcing oneself not to do something. The problem with fighting something is that it can still be a way of clinging on to it, still too much emotional involvement. Whereas when you let something go, it's because it no longer really fits who you are because you've grown beyond it.

The mindfulness approach can help you avoid the 'rubber band effect', in which you pull so far one way that tension builds until any letting go of that tension will cause you to ping all the way back into the destructive habit again. Counting the days or forcing yourself not to consume wine can build up that tension, so you need to practice being mindful and relaxed away from that wine so that no tension builds. Although this article is really aimed at practitioners, I think you'll find it useful: '3 relapse prevention strategies for substance abuse therapy'.

Continue to listen (if you currently are) to the download sessions contained in the 'Drink Less Wine Pack' and remember that your body and you are a team for life. You need to protect your skin, the water molecules in your organs, and the cells of your brain the way they try to look out for you. We are 'in this together' with our bodies. : ) You can enjoy being kinder to your body and looking after all the different parts of it the way it seeks to look after you for the journey of your life.

You can have a great future. : )

All best wishes,


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