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How can I stop involuntary tongue movement?

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Hello. I am currently suffering from involuntary movements of my tongue and jaw. I swallow every few minutes all day long as I build up saliva. My tongue presses on my lower teeth at the bottom. In order to speak, I have to swallow and keep on swallowing. My doctor is trying relaxation CDs. Can you please suggest anything else to stop this? I have had blood tests done and they came back normal and healthy.

Thank you in advance.


This question was submitted by 'Allison'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hello Allison,

This may well be stress-related and I'm pleased you have had medical tests. High levels of stress tend to shut down saliva production (hence the typical sense of having a dry mouth during highly stressful times) and digestion. This happens because during an emergency, such as confronting a wild beast, all non-essential (to that situation) functions 'switch off' - we don't need to be eating a sandwich if we are trying not to be eaten. The body is very efficient in this way, but of course many stressors to which the body responds as if they were physical threats no longer are.

It could be that this habit began during a time of higher than normal stress in which you experienced having a dry mouth and began to (perhaps unconsciously) swirl your tongue around as a way of stimulating saliva production. But now the habit itself has become a source of stress. So certainly your doctor's advice to listen to relaxation CDs is good. I suggest you listen to the 'Muscle Spasm Treatment' download and focus on lowering general stress in your life as much as possible. What the body learns it can unlearn fast - especially as your body has decades of experience of not having this problem, which of course is and will be much more natural.

All my best,


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