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I can't stop saying 'hmmm'!

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I did a search on your website, because I was looking for a hypnosis download that would help me break the habit of saying 'hmmm' all the time, but could not find anything. The fact is, I'm training as a counsellor so I don't have that much experience yet with clients. What I find often happens, is that although I really want to show the client that I'm really present, and am listening attentively, I end up repeating a lot of words and phrases... and the most annoying one (when I listen back to my taped sessions) is 'hmmm'. I notice that I over-use this, and it has become a sort of habit that is now difficult to break. When I listen to my tape, I find myself quite annoying! And I think I do 'hmmm' in other areas of my life too...!

Do you have a hypnosis download to break the habit of saying 'hmmm'? Would you consider creating a new hypnosis session for this issue, or perhaps you can suggest an alternative download? Either way, I'd really like to hear from you about this...

Moreover, I'd like to say thank you... I've purchased many downloads from your website and they work amazingly well.... I hope you can also help me with this particular problem.

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mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Thanks for getting in touch. I know what you mean. When I used to do a lot of public speaking I heard myself keep saying "you know" which was something I had to purposefully curtail Smile

We don't have a download specifically for this but I wonder if one of our other ones might help such as Stop Nervous Talking. If you focus on the habit of saying 'hmmm' when you listen to it then you might find there's a crossover effect and it works for you - even though it's not exactly specific.

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