Stop Being a Control Freak And Make Life Easier for Everyone - Especially You!

Use hypnosis to learn how to stop being a control freak and become a master of true control - self control

Stop Being a Control Freak

Is it nearly impossible for you to tolerate people doing things differently from how you would do them? Does this make you always insist on your own way?

Do you feel the need to check up on people all the time to see that they are doing what you want, or that they are not engaged in something you don't like?

If you tend to believe that you generally know what is best for you and those around you, and that it is important to ensure that people - your spouse or partner, your colleagues, your friends, your children - don't do anything that you don't approve of, or that you think would work against what is 'best', you may engage in several strategies to bring this about.

For example, you might:

  • find yourself giving a lot of 'orders', even about small things, and losing your temper if you are crossed, so that others soon learn to conform if they don't want trouble
  • constantly give advice to others, even when you've not been asked, feeling sure that you know best
  • try to ensure that they don't mix with people who might 'infect' them with different opinions
  • criticize their interest or involvement in anything that you aren't interested in.

Control is important - but being a control freak is risky

Such behaviors bring a sense of security, a feeling of being 'in control'. Wanting to be 'in control' is not inherently bad. In fact, having some sense of control in our lives is one of the fundamental human needs that we have evolved to nurture and satisfy, for the benefit of our overall emotional and mental health.

But excessive pursuit of control can be seriously detrimental to other - equally important - fundamental needs.

And the most serious casualty of over-controlling behavior is our need for intimacy and connection with others. The physical world, with its highly structured laws and predictability, is already pretty difficult for us to control.

But other people, highly unpredictable as they are and with their own fundamental needs to meet, are essentially impossible for us to control in any meaningful way.

This means that attempts to control others and get them to do what you want generally require some form of coercion. And coercion sooner or later kills relationship, connection and intimacy. Stone dead.

You probably wouldn't be reading this if you hadn't become concerned about how this is playing out in your own life.

What you can do to stop being a control freak

But what can you do about it? Letting go of the need to control others can feel like the most scary thing you've ever contemplated in your life.

When control has played such a fundamental part in who you are and how you lead your life, giving up even a little of it can feel - dare we say it - like throwing yourself under a bus. Who will you be after that?

Paradoxically, the answer lies not in giving up control altogether, but in shifting the locus of control so that, instead of focusing on controlling what is 'out there' - i.e. other people - you focus on controlling what is 'inside' - i.e. managing your own emotional states in a balanced way.

When you do this, you cease to be driven by an uncontrolled emotional need and take control of yourself. So you actually have more control.

And the easiest way to begin to make this change is using hypnosis.

Hypnosis can quickly help you stop being a control freak

Stop Being a Control Freak is an audio hypnosis session developed by experienced psychologists. It uses deep trance states and highly focused hypnotic suggestions and processes to allow you to access your core identity - that part of you that truly seeks and promotes what is highest and best for you - and make beneficial changes.

As you listen repeatedly to your download and hypnotically rehearse a powerful new set of strategies for managing your relationship with the world and with other people, you will find that you perceptibly begin to

  • discern the true boundaries of control
  • identify what you can appropriately influence
  • feel relaxed and calm about what is outside your control
  • feel more in control of yourself and your emotions
  • choose more appropriate areas to channel your energies into
  • have more rewarding relationships with others

Download Stop Being a Control Freak and discover a whole new freedom in life. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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Stop Being a Control Freak

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