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"After listening to it, I felt distinctly calmer"

Quick confidence booster in particular was amazing. I was a bit of a mess emotionally before, but after listening to it, I felt distinctly calmer and negative thoughts were not breaking through as much. I never even considered hypnosis for my anxiety problems before, and I am so incredibly glad that I found your site through a recommendation. I cannot express enough my gratitude.

This story came from Anna who is a Nurse from Finland.

"I used to be afraid to speak up with friends, or in groups, and now I am getting better at it"

"Before getting it, I was afraid the 'Self Confidence Booster' wouldn't work, like all the other stuff I've tried from other sources."

"I used to be afraid to speak up with friends, or in groups, and now I am getting better at it."

"I used to be so shy to speak up even in our women's spirituality group at church, but after being called up unexpectedly to do a summary of how the seniors activity group was going when the two social workers/church members who were scheduled to do it were unavoidably not there that Sunday, and I, being the longest running volunteer, was asked on the spot by our minister, I noticed, after an initial fear and panic, that after I took a few deep breaths and a little pep talk while on my way up to the pulpit, I was able to give a 'fairly anxiety-free' update of the happenings of the group."

"I knew I was feeling more confidence in myself because I didn't feel sick to my stomach, or faint!"

This story came from Bonnie Cranston who is a Retired Bookkeeper from New Brunswick, Canada

"The indirect hypnosis is very new to me but so easy"

"I'd like to tell you what an excellent product you've got with the downloads. I got the 'Quick Confidence Booster' among others and I used it for a deposition in a lawsuit I am involved in (I was hurt at work) my lawyer said 'Wow you did well!'."

"I went through it so easy that instead of nervous I was kind of bored! The indirect hypnosis is very new to me but so easy, keep up the good work and thank you!"

This story came from Dave Duffney.

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