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Testimonials for the Believe in Yourself Hypnosis Download

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"I've seen a lot of hypnosis CDs and audiotapes that were nowhere near the quality of your work"

"I've seen a lot of hypnosis CDs and audiotapes that were nowhere near the quality of your work. I had listened to downloads before and knew they had the potential to be good, but I've also had some pretty bad ones."

"I was really battling some depression and stress. I ended up focusing on the self-esteem CD and then ' Believe in Yourself' download. This work inspired me. After a time I realized I was very unhappy in my job that I'd had for 14 years. I was scared, but decided to apply for a new job across the country, and I got the download for job interviews. I had two days of non-stop interviews but it was completely relaxed. I then had a series of those dinners with people involved in the hiring process - those usually-awful things filled with posturing and horror."

"I was so mellow that at one of them I was genuinely enjoying myself and said "I'm having a great time". The people at the dinner started having fun, too. Anyway, I got the job. I had never owned a house before and normally would've rented, but I had to confidence to buy. The market in this area has already gone up, so a comparable house down the street just sold for $40K more than I paid for this one."

"Was it all hypnosis? Perhaps not, but it definitely helped."

"I think that people who are walking around with a mild dissatisfaction who think that things are as good as they can be would learn that life can actually be a superb thrill. 'Believe in Yourself' lays the groundwork for the changes that make a tolerable life a peaceful and pleasurable one."

This story came from Professor Mitch Earlywine from Albany NY, USA

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