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"I know myself quite well and I wanted a change, now... I have never had anything work as well as hypnotism"

"I didn't think I was 'suggestible' like those being hypnotized by a stage hypnotist. Also, I thought hypnosis only worked on 'phobias', 'smoking cessation' and 'weight loss'. I thought only 'big' problems could be solved and not the small, nagging ones like 'nail biting' or 'lack of motivation'."

"Depression. I've had depression for years - probably lived with it more than without it. I've tried medication and cognitive therapy. Medication helps, but therapy NEVER worked because my subconscious would sabotage every positive affirmation. I knew why I felt the way I did and delving into my childhood didn't matter because there was no great insight I discovered. Let's just say I know myself quite well and I wanted a change, now!"

I've downloaded several: 'Positive Thinking', Stop Self Hate' At first, I was disappointed b/c I was expecting an immediate change even though I know that it takes at least 21 days to see change. Since stage hypnotists can change behavior right away, I just assumed I'd see some change in behavior right after my first mp3 session. I think stage hypnotists damage clinical hypnotists, as all the public sees is gullible folks clucking like chickens without their knowledge.

I have never had anything work as well as hypnotism. It's easy, inexpensive and the results are long lasting and, as an added bonus, I get a relaxing, deep sleep. I look forward to putting on my headphones and drifting off while listening to the soothing induction/script. I've downloaded many hypnotism mp3s from other sites and sometimes the background music they use or the hypnotists voice is irritating. The male voice on your mp3s is very soothing and as an American, I especially like his English accent. No music is used which I thought would take me longer to go into trance, but I now find that music is a distraction for me.

Everyone can benefit from hypnosis from curing phobias to just increasing 'relaxation'. I can't think of any negative aspects to hypnosis! I just wish I would have discovered it years ago!!!

This story came from Robyn Allison who is a Real Estate Investor from Covington, WA, USA

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