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"Even my doctor marveled at how well I was doing after surgery!"

I used Preparing for Surgery and Fast Natural Healing in the weeks prior to my surgery. In doing so, I felt very prepared - mentally, emotionally, and physically. I went into my surgery feeling calm and my recovery was the best it has ever been. (I had several surgeries in the past when I didn't use hypnosis downloads.) Even my doctor marveled at how well I was doing after surgery!

This story came from Marie Cancellieri who is a Wellness Coach from Connecticut, USA.

"My surgery was so much better and a breeze."

The photo of Angelia Johnson

I recently came across your site and downloaded your audios of surgery before and after healing. I am pretty sure that it helped me tremendously because I had my surgery on my hip on Tuesday, came home, and I have been in little pain thus far. I have been in good mood and spirits and I have been playing the after healing one as well. I have to tell you I am 80% kinesthetic and the other audio. So I was unsure of the outcome but am very satisfied. Thank you for your service. I still have a ways to go, but I am feeling much better at the progress and the pain level. I had a bilateral hip FAI impingement with a shredded labrum.

I also bought your Drift Off to Sleep MP3 download. I have Hoshimoto's disease, which causes anxiety and difficulty sleeping. And I had such success with your MP3s for pre- and post-surgery that I decided to give this a try. I am still amazed that after 7 weeks it still works. I mean, you listen to it and think, "Well, that was nice...okay..." Then, before you know it, you're asleep and you are out until the morning. Sleeping normal is very abnormal and I keep thinking in the back of my head this is too good to be true, but it is and for that I thank you!!!

(NB. Angelia also sent this follow-up some time later:)

So three months ago I had a surgery for my right hip for an FAI impingement surgery where they removed 2 inches of bone and half of my labrum. I purchased the before surgery the night before and then the post sugery MP3. I did have a good recovery according to the doctor.

However, here we are 3 months to the day I had the left hip done which also had the same amount of damage. I chose to listen to the before surgery for 2 weeks prior to surgery and then the after healing MP3 after surgery.

I was walking without pain and crutches also zero painkillers including over the counter and even before I got my stitches out I was walking by myself. We are talking zero assistance at the 10 day mark! What was funny is my doctor asking me where my crutches were and having to make sure I was really okay. She had me walk and then get on the table to examine my hip's range of motion, which was almost normal - so much so, my doctor released me from coming back.

This time my surgery was so much better and a breeze. I just had to let you know the followup!! Thank you once again for making a difference in my life and recovery.

This story came from Angelia Johnson who is a relationship coach from Vancouver, Washington, USA.

"My recovery from major surgery this summer went incredibly smoothly and quickly."

I'm pleased to say that my recovery from major surgery this summer went incredibly smoothly and quickly. I have to believe that this was influenced by my use of the Pre Surgery Hypnotic download as well as the Fast Natural Healing and Strengthen Your Immune System downloads.

I had surgery in 2001 for a hernia repair that needed to be repaired again this summer. I had a lot of anxiety about the surgery because what I remember about the recovery was that it was long and painful.

A colleague of mine mentioned the field of pre surgery hypnosis and I tracked down these downloads. I listened to the pre surgery download about five times over two weeks before my surgery and the other two downloads over the course of the first 24 hours of my recovery in the hospital.

While I was at the hospital overnight, every nurse who examined my incision site was amazed with how there was no evidence of bruising. In addition, the pain I experienced following the surgery was much less than the first time I had the surgery; going off pain meds within the first three days, versus the one to two week period I was on them the first time around.

I can't say enough about how thankful I am that I learned about the use of hypnosis for this particular situation. As a psychotherapist who regularly refers client to online meditation apps, I now have another tool to offer them to work on different challenges.

Thanks so much again Hypnosis Downloads!

This story came from Lisa D. Delchamps who is a licensed mental health counselor from Medway, Massachusetts, USA.

"The session did calm me and help with my overall attitude throughout"

Brian Twomey

I had been to a hypnotherapist in past years for sleep problems and he got to the bottom of issue first visit! I was sold then! But discovering that I had a need for open heart surgery from an undiagnosed issue all my life - 61 years - kind of jumpstarted me for this help! The download was listened to at least 5-6 times each over 2 weeks prior to the surgery. I am 12 days post-surgery and there have been couple of minor setbacks, mainly to my sensitivity to the heavier meds used for the 5-hour procedure! But overall I feel the session did calm me and help with my overall attitude throughout.

This story came from Brian Twomey who is a gardner from Manitoba, Canada.

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