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Testimonials for the Irritable Bowel Syndrome Hypnosis Download

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"It was a strange feeling being free of it."

I would like to say just how much I'm enjoying your recordings, especially the one for dealing with I.B.S. I suffer from I.B.S. really badly and it's pretty much taken over my whole life. I hardly ever leave the house for fear of what might happen while I'm out. I also suffer from depression and panic attacks, which doesn't make going out any easier, as I'd far rather stay at home where I know I'm safe.

I really love Roger's voice and find it very soothing when I'm feeling panicky or in a lot of pain from my stomach. I started listening to the I.B.S. recording and there was a knot of pain just below my chest, in the upper part of my stomach. But after the session was over, I found the knot had gone and it was a strange feeling being free of it. I half expected it to come back, but it hasn't so far, and that's been a week now.

This story came from Lori Duncan who is a volunteer with Sense Scotland from Dundee, Scotland

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