Help Clients form Better Connections with the Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety Script

Improve clients' social lives by boosting their confidence and increasing their natural curiosity

Social anxiety can be crippling. People who suffer from extreme shyness find it difficult to talk with grocery store clerks, send back food at a restaurant, and meet new people. They can end up lonely, frustrated, and afraid.

The Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to help patients naturally feel more comfortable in social situations.

An extended pre-talk opens the script by explaining the root cause of social anxiety. It's described as a form of performance anxiety and is likened to the experience of professional athletes in singers ahead of high-pressure public situations in which they will be judged by others.

The client is assured that, despite its crippling effects, social anxiety can be overcome. Thanks to the brain's malleability, countless people have been able to calm their anxieties and change their habits to become more calm and confident when socializing.

The script lays out three ways the session will benefit the client. It will help them rediscover the core part of their primal selves that craves social connections. It will also help them focus their attention outside of themselves while interacting with others, which can put them at ease and make conversations less unsatisfying. Finally, the session will help the client form positive associations around socializing that will naturally make the process easier and more enjoyable.

The induction begins with a focus on breath. As the client relaxes, embedded commands instruct them to exhale slowly in the same way they might "sigh with comfort and relief" after a long day. Flowing language creates a sense of drifting into comfort as the client is encouraged to let go of "any need to make any kind of effort" with their conscious mind to relax.

The client is encouraged to feel a "deep comfort flowing through the body" as they call to mind a place of "real comfort and rest." A countdown transports the client to this relaxing idyll, where feelings of calm permeate through their body and the stick in the air around them. Through an embedded command, the client is instructed to soften their thoughts until they are fully relaxed and their mind is prepared for unconscious change.

The trancework opens by reminding the client of times in their early childhood when they learned how to walk, talk, and make jokes through an instinctive drive to form connections with others. These times also included fears, such as monsters in the closet, that have been abandoned and forgotten.

The client is reminded that now they can trust themselves to walk without concentration or assistance. They also have the ability to lose themselves in their favorite movies or TV shows, becoming completely absorbed in the story.

Embedded commands urge the client that they can continue to "tune out what's not relevant" and make changes, including effortlessly connecting with others.

The client is encouraged to get a sense of their natural ability to connect with others becoming stronger. They are reminded of the conversations they've shared with close friends and family members when they felt at ease and completely themselves.

As the client drifts back into one of those old conversations, an embedded command tells them they can "take in the good from this experience," which is described as a glowing color, and carry it with them to new times and places.

Now, they are guided to get a sense of themselves in the future, when they have a deeper sense of ease when meeting new people. The client is urged to watch their future self asking questions, feeling curious, and being confident in their interactions. Embedded commands instruct them to "feel completely at ease" as they experience this sensation.

The client continues to picture this future. They feel a sense of social flow and are able to lose themselves in the conversation. They are reminded that this natural sense of connection is a natural part of themselves and are encouraged to feel a "deep calm and self-assuredness" imbuing the conversation from beginning to end.

As the client merges into the reality of that future, they are instructed to "feel so much calmer and more at ease" by an embedded command.

Now, they are asked to notice how this confidence can surprise them at other times. They are asked to get a sense of themselves having enjoyed a social event, where things went smoothly.

The client is then asked to picture how it will feel to look back on themselves in one year, after they've made even more progress and are able to regularly enjoy social occasions. Perhaps they've made new friends or even helped another shy person come out of their shell.

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