Help people defend their boundaries with the Dealing With the Leech Hypnosis Script

How to develop effective ways for dealing with the leech using hypnosis

We all have to deal with difficult people of one kind or another at some stage during our lives, but one of the most challenging kinds of 'difficult' you may encounter is surely the emotional leech. These are the people who take way more than their fair share of your time, your energy, your attention, your efforts. And give very little back. So you end up drained.

The Dealing With the Leech Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was developed specifically to help people a) discern who is being too emotionally demanding in their lives and b) establish and maintain effective personal boundaries to protect themselves from overload.

The session begins with a down-to-earth pre-talk looking at how emotionally unbalanced relationships come about and persevere if you don't take action. A method for identifying the 'excessive takers' is introduced and the importance of boundaries explained.

A long, gentle induction lets the client gradually slip into a calm, dissociated, relaxed and receptive learning state where they can update their instinctive responses easily and quickly.

When the client is fully relaxed, the trancework connects them first with the positive roots of their ability to empathise and bond with others and focuses on amplifying the good feelings associated with true friendship and relationship.

The art of discernment is then added in, and the client is invited to explore, learn and integrate the skills of distinguishing between real friends, people in need, and freeloaders who are only out for what they can get.

Through hypnotic rehearsal the client learns how to strengthen their personal boundaries and defend them against the excessive emotional demands which a kind heart can find so hard to resist. Listening repeatedly will allow the client to make maintenance of appropriate boundaries a normal part of their dealing with others, thus keeping them safe from overwhelm.

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