Use the Dealing with the Gaslighter Hypnosis Script to Help Victims Protect Themselves

Shield clients from the repercussions of mental abuse

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which one person tries to manipulate another into questioning their own reality.

The Dealing with the Gaslighter Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to help clients protect themselves and their sanity during times when they have to interact  with someone who tries to gaslight them.

The script opens with a pre-talk that explains what gaslighting is and why it happens. It begins by sharing the origin of the term gaslighting and offers specific examples of gaslighting behavior.

The client is assured that while gaslighting can seem ridiculous, gaslighters are hard to reason or argue with because lying and manipulation come so easily to them.

The absolute best way to handle a gaslighter, they learn, is to completely avoid them. When that is not possible, it is necessary for victims to develop strategies to protect themselves from the negative effects that gaslighting produces. The client is reminded that it's also vital they spend significant time away from the gaslighter and in the company of friends or loved one who can help them rediscover their self-trust.

The script's induction section begins by directing the client to imagine an enjoyable time, when they felt fully immersed in the moment. An embedded command directs them to "become one" with the memory and re-experience it as vividly as possible.

A progressive relaxation, beginning with facial muscles and moving through the body and into the feet, leads the client into a relaxed state. Embedded commands guide the client into a trance state and lay the foundation for hypnotic suggestion.

During the trancework, the client is reminded of the story of The Emperor's New Clothes, in which two con artists convince a ruler that they've made him a fine suit that is only visible to smart and hardworking people. As word of the magic clothing moves throughout the empire, the ruler's subjects fawn over his non-existent wardrobe, "even though their senses told them otherwise."

The full script continues.

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Dealing with the Gaslighter Script

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