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How do I choose the best hypnosis download for me when there are so many?

Here at Hypnosis Downloads we have hundreds of different hypnosis sessions to choose from, and we add more regularly.

Many of the sessions overlap, while contributing subtly different benefits. For example, if you have low self esteem issues then, of course, the Self Esteem Booster session would be your perfect fit. But there might be other more specific sessions that could also really help you, such as How to deal with the negative critic or the Feel Good About Yourself pack.

We always suggest related downloads that might make a 'Perfect Partner' to the session you have chosen or that might form part of a bundle of related sessions.

But if you are choosing your own it's good to start by looking for a general download that covers your problem or covers the area where you want to improve. You can then look for more specifically targeted downloads.

For example, someone might first choose Improve Self Confidence, then decide that they wants specifically to increase their confidence when public speaking.

Still not sure?

Get instant suggestions with our conversational Intelligent Assistant. Or take a look at our Journeys to get an idea of which hypnosis downloads work well together towards a single goal.