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How do I stop panic attacks and feeling hopeless?


I am suffering from severe panic attacks, hopelessness, and anxiety...I have tried hypnosis, meds, self-medication...

What else can I do? All my stress is job-related, but I can't get a new one.

Please help...


This question was submitted by 'Paul'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hello Paul,

Thank you for writing in. Panic attacks and uncontrolled anxiety certainly can lead to a feeling of general loss of control, which can result in hopelessness. We all need, of course, to have some sense of control in our lives.

You don't say why work is causing you unhappiness. Maybe you need to strike a good work/life balance in order to calm things down. Or perhaps your work is so demanding it prevents you meeting your primal human needs in life generally. Or maybe you are bullied at work and need to gain back a sense of control through becoming more assertive. Without knowing more of your situation, it's hard to offer too much specific help or ideas.

You also don't say what kind of hypnosis you used. If it was the kind that tries to find 'deep causes' for the panic attacks, then it is unlikely to have helped unless it taught you to 'switch off' panic in the here and now and offered very real tools to own panic like a guard dog that's useful in the right circumstances but needs to be properly trained. If you haven't already, I suggest you do this free course on overcoming panic attacks and then consider using the 'Overcome Panic Attacks' pack.

You can control, ease, and 'own' panic. You are its master, not the other way around.

All best wishes,


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