How can I stop freezing when it comes to trading?

Hi Mark,

I'm a day trader. I need to analyze and interpret market information quickly and correctly, then execute my trading plan based on this information.

I find that I often interpret the market correctly, plan the trade, but then freeze in the heat of the moment when it comes time to execute the trade. I end up sitting there watching the trade play out on the screen, knowing I should have been in it.

I have downloaded one of your sessions for a health issue and have noticed some improvement. I have also done a self-confidence hypnosis exercise, which I really felt the benefit of. I'm convinced that hypnosis can help me with my trading problem.

Can you give me any tips or recommend one of your downloads, please?



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mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hi Chris and thanks for writing in.

Not acting in a situation can still be a purposeful behaviour, in the sense that failure to act may be a success in keeping safe in some way. We could think of lots of ways that might be true, such as not driving after having had a few drinks or not attempting a ski jump during your first skiing lesson. But this reluctance to act decisively in the wrong place - when you do have the expertise and skills - is, of course, something to be overcome.

You could use 'Seize the Day', 'Do It Now', and of course 'Trader's Mind' and just start to see what difference they make. You can also use self-hypnosis to practice making the trades you need to make ahead of time.

All the best to you, Chris.


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