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Can hypnosis help my chronic fibromyalgia?

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Hello Mark,

I'm Selina and I suffer with chronic fibromyalgia. I also have two children, am married, and am very overweight! The problem is, I am very sensitive to medication, including contraception. I suffer immensely. However, if I don't take anything, I can't function properly, so I've decided to stop everything.

I am constantly tired and I'm gaining weight almost every day, even though my appetite is rubbish! I have constant headaches and for the past few months I constantly grind my teeth and clench my jaw whilst awake and asleep. I am feeling completely hopeless and unwell. I'm sick and tired of living this life.

I love my kids dearly; they keep me going.

I'm only 36, but I feel like I should be in a nursing home. I have no strength and no energy. I have given up. No doctors know what to do; they are hopeless, even private. It's all down to medication that I can't tolerate.

Please help. I don't know what else to do. I feel very low and my weight is really getting me down. I'm limited with exercise at the moment because of the stiffness and pain, plus my back is out and the physio is useless. I have no one else left to turn to.

I almost feel sorry for myself, LOL, but I'm not. I'm just plain FED UP. PLEASE ADVISE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.


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mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hello Selina,

It does sound like something positive needs to happen for you and soon. I am sure you have tried all the anti-inflammatory lifestyle changes you need to make, such as cutting out grains, sugar, and so forth. Also, stress is a major contributor to pain and inflammation in the body. But it's a vicious cycle, of course, because your current condition causes you stress!

Have you tried using hypnosis to relax? I helped produce a hypnosis MP3 download for fibromyalgia, which I urge you to try. Listen to it once or even a couple of times a day when you get a spare moment.

This site also has a wealth of information on getting and staying healthy naturally: Mark's Daily Apple: The Primal Fibromyalgia Experiment page.

I wish you all the best because, as you say, you are young and you have your whole life ahead of you, which can be a really good one.

All my best,


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