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Will your infertility session help me get pregnant?

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Hi Mark,

We're having trouble falling pregnant and it appears as though I am not ovulating. I am considering downloading your infertility hypnosis. However, this seems to be tailored towards IVF, which I am trying my hardest to avoid!!

Would this download be suitable for someone trying to fall pregnant naturally? And if not, is there something else you can recommend?

Many thanks,


This question was submitted by 'Bridgette'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hello Bridgette,

The 'Hypnosis for Infertility' session was created to help any woman get pregnant, not just those receiving IVF treatment, so you can certainly give it a go. : )

There is some good evidence that mind/body approaches and hypnosis in particular can really help fertility issues. For more information, you can read the article and references here.

All best wishes to you and your partner,


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