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Testimonials for the Unrequited Love Hypnosis Download

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"I'm gaining traction in loving myself more too"


I wanted to reach out and say thank you because your Unrequited Love and Stop Thinking about Someone products took me from a distressed emotional wreck after reconnecting with an old Army friend of mine who I developed a romantic attachment to. It took some work (combined with diet, exercise, and meditation), but the programs made it possible for me to feel comfortable to continue the friendship with the person. These lessons have helped me far beyond that specific situation.

And just to let you know: when I heard the reference to The Odyssey in the audio, I nearly died because my birth name is Ulysses. My jaw dropped and let me tell you, this helped me find the wherewithal to work toward saving a valuable one-in-a-lifetime friendship with someone I served with and found that I’m gaining traction in loving myself more too. Thank you so much!!!

This story came from Eddie who is from New York, USA.

"Just 6 days later and my irrational thoughts about my friend have dramatically subsided, and I noticeably feel a lot better"

After spending the past year or so in love with one of my close friends, last month she told me that she was all of a sudden getting married. The revelation caused me to go into an irritable zombie like state and I confessed my feelings to her by text. She explained that she had never seen me in that way and that I was just a friend to her. She was really considerate and tried to cushion the blow but I just couldn't switch off constantly thinking about her, even whilst on holiday.

I've spent one of the worst months of my life since constantly thinking about her, thinking of convoluted ways to re-initiate contact with her and feeling down right hopeless and like I have no reason to go on.

Last Saturday I downloaded your "Unrequited Love" session. Since then I have listened to it numerous times. Although I don't always feel like I am in a relaxed state whilst listening to it and I sometimes struggle to visualise what I am asked to visualise, it has had a profound effect on me. Just 6 days later and my irrational thoughts about my friend have dramatically subsided, and I noticeably feel a lot better. The feelings were once so intense that I physically hurt, but now the worse I get is the odd butterfly in my stomach. I still have moments where I think about her but its not a constant occurrence like it was only a week ago and I believe it will get even better with continued use of your session.

I hope to keep her as a friend, because she is someone I rationally care about and because of your downloads I feel I can actually do this without having ulterior motives that will never come to fruition.

I am sure my feelings would have naturally subsided with a lot of time but I couldn't handle waiting for that. I feel compelled to thank you for helping me so, thank you very much.

This story came from Jonathan who is a Graphic Designer from Leeds, UK.

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