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"Socializing, often I just sat in silence... now my life has changed and I do owe it all to your downloads"

I thought it was about time I dropped you a line about your downloads.

I have always been a very shy person especially in social places, socializing, often I just sat in silence as I didn't know what to say or how to keep a conversation going, I didn't like the 'focus' whoever I was talking to had on me. It made me panicky inside and made me forget my words, which then made me a million times worse.

I'd also avoid shops where you're served so I didn't have to talk aloud, for example I'd hate going into a fish and chip shop in case when I had to ask for what I wanted there was a queue of people listening to me speak, as I got closer to the counter I could feel the same panicky feeling and my tongue tying up, that's the only way I can think to explain it.

About 2 years ago I meet Liz, now my wife. She was the other end of the scale, confident and social. Just a normal day out with her used to scare the heck out of me,I'd also get really worried about going places or into shops I hadn't been before. I can explain it as a sort of as being scared of the unknown, what was it going to be like? What would happen?

My mind would never think, hey this will be fun! You'll have an ace time. The little voice always seemed to tell me something bad was going to happen, id think I would get all the focus and look foolish but never knowing over what which made me worse. I got to the point where Liz made me admit I had a problem and got me to visit the doctors but he couldn't really gasp the huge way this was effecting my life as I couldn't really open up to him.

He recommended some groups I could join, being socially scared, joining a discussion group? My worst nightmare, he didn't really understand. I came home all disheartened thinking I was 'stuck' like this forever, I went on the internet to work on my website, I can't remember how I found your site that day but I saw your download for stopping social phobia.

I thought I'll give that a go, then the checkout came, buy 3 get a 'discount' (sucked in straight away lol) I added two others along the same lines, loaded them to my mp3 player and had a listen. Listened to 1 and remember being amazed. I remember a few minutes of listening then I was being told to be aware of the room again, so much time had past which seemed like minutes. I remember I had a short break and then listened to the other two.

I didn't tell Liz at first as I wasn't sure if she'd laugh or it would really work. I listened to them every day for a fortnight cycling them (1 a day). The one day we we're in the chip shop, Liz used to always order, I strangely felt calmer! The lady asked what she could get us and I jumped in and confidently listed off what we wanted, Liz nearly passed out I swear, I was so proud of myself!

I 'top up' on those mp3's every now and then as every so often I get the nerves when I have to go somewhere new, when the nerves come now they I don't let them take over like I did before as I know I can do it and nothing bad will happen.

Since then I've purchased about a dozen different downloads from your site when I find I need a bit of self improvement here and there. I've recently joined your 'Growth Zone' and have downloaded a few more downloads, one being 'small-talk' as I still find my confidence in conversation is very bad, not so much anymore of the panic but just not knowing what to say.

I've listened to it over the last 3 or 4 days and yesterday I went to a tattooist to be support for the wife while she was having one. All of a sudden I realised I was in mid conversation with the other tattooist, gob smacked to say the least and no worrying 'Ooo what do I say', I was just flowing with questions to keep the chat going.

I've also noticed since that download my emails have extended a million times in length, this is my fourth today and the others to my distant friends and instead of the normal two paragraphs before I run out of things to say its been pages worth. I am sorry for such a long email, I do thank (blame lol) your download for it though as I'm just finding explaining things and my wording so much easier after that small talk download. I don't know if it possible it is related but I've never jibbered so much when typing!

All I really should of said I guess is thank you! I owe you so much for getting me out of my pit, we've got some of Liz's work friends coming around tonight for a meal, first time because before Liz always understood I'd freak out on her but I suggested it to test myself mainly.

That's the first time to I've actually thought about them coming today. It would of been 24/7 panic fest before me thinking of everything that would go wrong and me hating it. No panic no obsessing over it I can actually say I'm looking forward to it.

Sorry again for such a long email, I hope it makes sense to you, just wanted to really make you understand how much I appreciate what you have done for me. My life has changed and I do owe it all to you and your downloads.

If you ever do seminars in Gloucestershire, its nowhere near how much I owe you but I'd like to buy you a drink, (in a busy bar) to show how you've change my life and to say thank you.

Regards David

This story came from David Hughes from Gloucestershire, UK.

"It helps me to relax. and to allow myself to be more spontaneous"

"Before getting a hypnosis download I was a bit reluctant, because I wasn't sure if they would be worthwhile. There are so many things on the internet, and it can be difficult to sort through the useless to find the useful!"

"One of my downloads is for ' Overcoming Social Anxiety'. My husband's work required us to attend many social functions, and being a shy person, I really felt I was in over my head and found these occasions very stressful. When I listen to it before an upcoming social event that has me worried, I find it helps me to relax and not to anticipate a negative experience, and to allow myself to be more spontaneous."

"I would recommend Overcoming Social Anxiety to anyone with shyness or social phobias, or really any anxiety, because it helps you to think in a different way and see things in a more relaxed light. What you are thinking can completely color your world, so if something helps you to think more positively, your experience of what goes on around you is greatly improved."

This story came from Patricia Kirwan who is a Homemaker from Castle Rock, USA

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