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Joe Arena

"I thank you for making me an outstanding leader that could not be defined by my competition."

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being my closest and most constructive support over the past few years... the number of times that I have drifted off to sleep to the sound of your voice is in the countless hundreds!

I would arguably be your greatest advocate in Australia without doubt!

I was the Head of Insurance Sales for American Express in Australia and New Zealand, and I directed my team to employ your sales tapes as our sole source of sales training that we respected to make a genuine difference that created tangible results.

We had the highest insurance sales results internationally, and my insurance business sold more credit cards, than the credit card sales teams!!

American Express management came from New York to Australia to see what it was that we were doing that had such markedly different results to every other market, and they wanted to replicate what we did... I gave them a lot of motherhood statements about high morale and teamwork, etc. however did not tell them that your hypnosis products were the key to our success.

It was amazing to witness my team clean up other aspects of their lives, before they started to become world class sales and service champions... coming to work earlier to get organised... cleaning up the house that had been neglected for years... eating a healthy breakfast... and making peace with someone they had been feuding with for 20 years... and this was just from the sales superstar training, not to mention any other training they sought privately.

So, I thank you for making me an outstanding leader that could not be defined by my competition.

This story came from Joe Arena who is retired Head of Insurance Sales (American Express, Australia & New Zealand) from Sydney, Australia

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