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Testimonials for the Relieve stress and tension Hypnosis Download

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"Relaxing me tremendously through the bad days I'm having"

I'm currently struggling throughout the day with tinnitus and PTSD. My choice of downloads from Hypnosis Downloads is surely relaxing me tremendously through the bad days I'm having at the moment. I chose hypnosis to treat me as I had been hypnotised before and stopped me from smoking. So it surely helps me!

This story came from Martyn who is a HGV driver from UK

"...the greatest miracle is in how quickly I regained my ability to think clearly again!"

Working as a software engineer on the bleeding edge of innovation can be an extremely stressful job. It requires the ability to think clearly and stretches the limits of one's reasoning ability to the fullest.

I carry stress in my shoulders, neck, and face. Tension in these areas makes it nearly impossible for me to think and reason, which leads to missed deadlines, which leads to more stress, which leads to more tension, etc. One day last week it got so bad that I simply could not work. I felt entirely detached and my brain just felt numb.

I purchased the "Relieve Stress and Tension" and "Get rid of tension headaches" downloads and have been listening to them on my lunch break for three days now. I can not believe the difference!!! After three days, I still feel a little tension in my shoulders and neck, but it is significantly reduced. But the greatest miracle is in how quickly I regained my ability to think clearly again! My brain fog was immediately lifted after the first session. I'm more productive now than I have been in weeks... maybe even months!

Mark's voice is so soothing. As soon as he starts talking I slip peacefully into a deep hypnotic state, and I return feeling so relaxed and alive. Please tell Mark "Thank you!" He gave me my mind back!

This story came from Mark who is from Utah, USA

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