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"This was a HUGE success for me. Thank you for giving me such an amazing tool to make changes in myself."

For reasons unknown to me, public speaking has been my greatest fear as an adult. No matter how prepared I was, I would become so nervous during a presentation, that I would forget everything, including my own name, and I would subsequently botch up the presentation. This has become a huge road block at this point in my career. This past week, I had to deliver a presentation critical to my career. I was a total wreck at the thought of what I knew would happen and how it would impact my career.

Desperate, and on a whim, I tried the public speaking download. I listened to it twice a day for five days. As the day of my presentation drew near, I found myself becoming calmer and calmer. And when the day finally arrived, I was able to do what I have never done before - calmly (mostly) articulate my thoughts and demonstrate my knowledge on the subject. This was a HUGE success for me. Thank you for giving me such an amazing tool to make changes in myself.

This story came from Margeaux who is a Marketing Director from Texas, USA.

"I had to speak at a family mass... It was a terrible experience"

"Last year I had to speak at a family mass for a few minutes for my church group and it was a terrible experience. I was so nervous that my whole body was shaking terribly, my heart was racing and I was sweating profusely . In addition, after I spoke I was embarrassed that people in my church saw me react this way."

"This year when my church asked me to speak again I dreaded it. The anxiety of going through that again was so bad that I was looking for an excuse so I wouldn't have to speak. I had extreme anxiety for a week leading up to this event."

"I found your website and purchased the 'Public Speaking Confidence' hypnosis download as a last resort because I didn't believe it would work. I listened to the session three times the day before I spoke and then again an hour before I had to speak. IT WORKS!!!"

" I spoke at mass and had such a positive experience. I was very relaxed, connected with the parishioners and felt really happy after I spoke. I am so thrilled that this enabled me to overcome my fear of speaking in public."

"I told everyone at work about your website and I will be ordering more downloads."

"This is a tremendous service to people and it's affordable!!"


Lisa Doll

This story came from Lisa Doll who runs an Employment Agency from Merrick, NY, USA

"I got through it easily with an A on the speech and an A in the public speaking class"

"I was reluctant to download a hypnosis session because first of all I'm putting my credit card and money out there, and also I'm not really a believer in quick changes. I believe more in practicing to get your outcome and was not sure if it was going to work."

"Well I was in a public speaking class and I had to do an important speech that I was nervous about. I listened to the 'Public Speaking Confidence' download a couple times and I prepared my speech. So when I was in the visualization I was actually practicing my lines in there and I felt more relaxed about the whole thing. And so the day that I had to give my speech I felt more at ease, and when I actually went up there I knew exactly what to do and I got through it easily with an A on the speech and an A in the public speaking class."

This story came from Leor Benari who is a Student from Northridge, California

"Just a note of thanks..."

"I downloaded two of your self-help audio files: ' Confidence Booster' and Public Speaking Confidence. I have listened to both several times over the past few days in preparation for a presentation to my company's senior management staff."

"I've had noticably less anxiety since I listened to your programmes. Tomorrow is the presentation - I am going into this much more confidently than I would have without your assistance. I can see myself purchasing more of your products in the future."

"Thanks again. Keep up the great work!"

This story came from Claire R who is a Marketing Manager from Florida, USA

We got in touch with Claire to see how the presentation went...

"Hi Roger, my presentation went fantastic - about as good as it could have gone! I am still shocked that it went so well. I truly believe that the hypnosis audio files had a big impact on my success. I am so grateful to have found your site!"

"I will be coming to the UK at the end of the year (my parents have a holiday home in West Sussex - not too far from Brighton). I may schedule an in-person session during that time. If I can get these kinds of results from an internet download, I can only imagine what a live session might accomplish!"

"I did feel a lot more confidence in the run up to [the speech] than before"

"I had already taken the free self hypnosis course on the site, otherwise I may have been reluctant because there is so much rubbish on the net."

"Public speaking confidence was the download I used, I can't say I benefited from because the presentation I was about to give was cancelled. However, I did feel a lot more confident in the run up to it than before."

"I would recommend Public Speaking Confidence to anyone who has to speak in public whether frequently or infrequently because it has the potential to turn what is often a traumatic experience into something quite enjoyable."

This story came from Aiden McAteer a Student from Donegal, Rep.of.Ireland

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