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"I wholeheartedly depend on them."

These downloads have brought me back to the present, they have often been the only support I have and I wholeheartedly depend on them. They support my views around mental health and really calm me down much more than other meditation apps I have. Much love to the team who creates them!

This story came from Emma who is a legal intern from London, UK.

"I felt so much more in control of my panic, and in fact I haven't needed to listen to it since."

The Panic Prevention Pack was very helpful during a year where I was always feeling on the verge of a panic attack. After listening to the two downloads in the pack just a couple of times, I felt so much more in control of my panic, and in fact I haven't needed to listen to it since.

I downloaded the Anger Management Pack just a few weeks ago, and have only listened to the Anger Management download. I listened almost every day for a week, then a couple of times the 2nd and 3rd week. It has made a HUGE difference in my reaction to situations where before I would have flown off the handle immediately. And I don't feel like I've had to put any effort into it, just simply listen to the hypnosis.

I now recommend your website to everyone and cannot recommend your products enough. I've just downloaded two more because I am sold on the effectiveness of your products.

This story came from Calgal who is an Engineer from Ramstein, Germany.

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