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Testimonials for the Overactive Bladder Treatment

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"In two weeks I've improved about 90 percent and am traveling without problems."

My gynecologist/urologist said that medicine, with side effects, was his only suggestion since there wasn't a big problem physically. In two weeks I've improved about 90 percent and am traveling without problems.

This story came from Judy who is a Retired from Florida, USA.

"Rapid improvement to my bathroom activity"

The relaxation stimulated a rapid improvement to my bathroom activity. It all began when my adult son witnessed my discomfort on not finding any facilities open. "It's all in the mind, Dad." I protested that it's not that simple, but he did get me thinking about using the mind to alleviate the stress connected with frequent urination, which is when I went online and found you, third in order on Google. As the charges were in dollars, I was surprised when it turned out that you are based in the UK. It made it probably marginally easier for me to listen to, as well. I have just completed a week and have reduced bathroom visits from between 2 and 6 per day. I have to say, alcohol consumption tends to send the numbers back upwards. I usually find the time to listen every day, but haven't noticed any setbacks on missing a session.

This story came from Andrew who is from Southwest Germany.

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