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"It was all in my head! I changed the messages from my brain to my bladder with your hypnosis and my bladder finally started listening."

Susan Straathof

I have had what is known as OAB or over active bladder or urge incontinence. It's the worst kind of bladder dysfunction, not the one where you pee when you sneeze or laugh which can be fixed by a minor surgery but the kind that is "nonfixable" because "it's all in your head" as the doctors even tell you. And yet my urogynecologist put me through every humiliating excruciatingly painful procedure and tests there were... even trying to stretch the urethra which was the worst pain and a needless procedure.

My body ended up going into giant spasms and I ended up in the Emergency room. They had no idea what to do, so they decided to strap a catheter to me which did nothing. Because my bladder was empty. Finally after writhing in pain and spasming for 6 hours standing because I couldn't even lay down I told them I was leaving and my husband drove me home. I was so angry and frustrated.

I tried every pill on the market and was about to go in for the very invasive percutaneous nerve stimulation (PTNS) procedure which has been successful in some people as it stimulates the nerve/brain interaction...so I finally fixed my "thinking cap" which I hadn't been using lately and found the hypnosis for OAB by Roger Elliot and after 3 weeks of listening every day my OAB started to go away.

Today, after 7 excruciatingly debilitating years, I am cured. See, it was all in my head! I changed the messages from my brain to my bladder with your hypnosis and my bladder finally started listening.

I know this is a lot of reading but I just wanted you all to know what I have been through and how much your hypnosis downloads have changed the quality of my life.

There's just one more bit to my lengthy story. I belonged to an OAB online support group and I told them about this. It's so odd that people are so skeptical of hypnosis, but one woman out of 500 or so did try it. I sent her the exact download from Roger that I used.

Well, guess what? Yup, after 7 years for her too, her OAB is pretty much gone as long as she listens at least once every 10 days or so.

I live in Vancouver Canada and she lives in Australia. We are now "support penpals". It's wonderful.

The others in the group are afraid to try it...They need more education. I use hypnosis for everything now. So thank you all at "Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis" from the bottom of my heart (and bladder) for a better quality of life.

This story came from Susan Straathof who is from British Columbia, Canada.

"In two weeks I've improved about 90 percent and am traveling without problems."

My gynecologist/urologist said that medicine, with side effects, was his only suggestion since there wasn't a big problem physically. In two weeks I've improved about 90 percent and am traveling without problems.

This story came from Judy who is a Retired from Florida, USA.

"Rapid improvement to my bathroom activity"

The relaxation stimulated a rapid improvement to my bathroom activity. It all began when my adult son witnessed my discomfort on not finding any facilities open. "It's all in the mind, Dad." I protested that it's not that simple, but he did get me thinking about using the mind to alleviate the stress connected with frequent urination, which is when I went online and found you, third in order on Google. As the charges were in dollars, I was surprised when it turned out that you are based in the UK. It made it probably marginally easier for me to listen to, as well. I have just completed a week and have reduced bathroom visits from between 2 and 6 per day. I have to say, alcohol consumption tends to send the numbers back upwards. I usually find the time to listen every day, but haven't noticed any setbacks on missing a session.

This story came from Andrew who is from Southwest Germany.

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