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"Just a few sessions made a huge difference"

I get migraines that often start with TMJ. I would wake up with tension from my jaw up into the top of my head. I was surprised when just a few sessions made a huge difference. I feel like the quality of my sleep improved also when I listened to it right before going to bed since I would grind my teeth at night. Thank you!

This story came from Mary, who is a Teacher from Pennsylvania, USA.

"My jaw clenching is about 80% better through the night"

I have clenched my jaw for as long as I can remember and it is particularly bad at night. Unless I wear a night guard, I wake up with a very sore jaw and an even worse headache. Night guards have their downsides too so I decided to try the hypnosis download to stop jaw clenching. It really works! I do the hypnosis session right before bed and my jaw clenching is about 80% better through the night. I wake up with no headache and feeling like I slept better.

This story came from Angela who is a Home Mum from San Antonio, Texas, USA.

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