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"I've found hypnosis downloads as a great asset to my continuing self care which includes counseling & medications."

I've been sober in recovery for 18 years now, I'm 41 bellybutton years of age now. I deal with different problems & addictions in my sobriety from insomnia to depression. I've found hypnosis downloads as a great asset to my continuing self care which includes counseling & medications. Compared to the many types of therapy & solutions out there, I find it it amazing that hypnosis still gets way less publicity.

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"I was quite excited to try hypnosis because of the good things I'd read in books and on your website"

"I chose the ' Healing Power Hypnosis' download. I suffer from M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and so my muscles get tired very easily. It's also a stressful long-term condition to live with. I use the Healing Power Hypnosis download at least once a day to give me some time out from doing domestic tasks and to totally relax all my muscles and visualise my health slowly improving."

"I've probably listened almost 700 times over 2 years or so now. I wonder if that's a record? Does that mean I'm 700 times more relaxed than before? I definitely feel the benefits of time out every day: my mind calms down, my muscles recharge and my energy can rebalance itself. The voice too is very comforting and reassuring. I'd say this download is an important support to me as I slowly recover from M.E."

"I think this download could benefit anyone who leads a stressful life, or who is living with long-term health problems. It's not a miracle cure, but it doesn't need to be. It offers comfort, reassurance, relaxation, and an improved immune system."

This story came from Matt Taylor from London, UK

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