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Testimonials for the Feel Attractive Now Hypnosis Download

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"I have been more comfortable in social settings, and much less self-conscious"

"I was somewhat reluctant before getting the 'Feel Attractive Now' download. I thought it might just be a hoax.

I've never had any experience with hypnosis before, and I've tried a number of self-help books and tapes with minimal to no results. I was concerned that this was going to be just another tragic waste of money and time."

"I've been using 'Feel Attractive Now" for about a month now, and I have noticed a marked improvement in my confidence level. I have been more comfortable in social settings, and much less self-conscious. My friends and co-workers have said I seem "lighter" and "radiant," like I've just come back from a vacation. I have also noticed a certain ease in dealing with the customers at my job. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of results will be achieved through further use of this download. I can't begin to express how pleased I am with the changes that are beginning to take shape in my life."

"I have already recommended this download to a few of the girls I work with. I am an exotic dancer and, in my line of work, feeling unattractive can really take a toll on your ability to make money. On the flip side of that, not making money can tend to make you feel unattractive, so it can become a very vicious cycle. I feel that this download could help every woman I work with."

This story came from Amanda Sylvester who is an Exotic Dancer from Hubbardston, MA, USA

"Not only did the download cure my self image, but it made me a happier person in general"

"I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to When I found a download I thought was interesting, I almost didn't buy it but took the chance and did. Let me tell you, I made the right decision."

"At first I was saying, "No, hypnosis doesn't really work", or "hypnosis is just for those who need mental help", but hypnosis really DOES work and CAN be used for all sorts of great things. The one I picked was Feel Attractive Now. Something just told me I had to get it."

"After just two times I really felt better about my self-image, and I actually see where the attractive qualities of someone derive. I kept on listening, and now I feel more confident in myself than I ever have in my entire life. It's almost like changing some settings in your brain, but for the better. Sort of just like a tune-up at the pitstop."

"I noticed a major change in my communication with other people people - from shy and reclusive always wondering what people were thinking about me, to outgoing, happy, and easy-going - I felt more relaxed. Not only did the download cure my self-image, but it also made me a happier person in general. I concluded that my depression was a result of my poor self-image. Although I'm not the most outgoing, or happiest person around, I actually saw the change in myself, and I actually FEEL better."

"Again, thank you so much Hypnosis!"

This story came from Brady Osborne.

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