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"I found the messages very strong and reinforcing"

"I've always wanted to try hypnosis or self-hypnosis because I know a lot of my self-esteem issues and relationship issues are caused by childhood memories and trauma.

Self-hypnosis seemed a good way to reach those regressive thoughts and it seemed easier then trying to lead my way blindly through meditations and positive affirmations."

"I was reluctant and thought on it for several days before purchasing because it's a new technique to me and one that's often thought badly of, as not a "true" form of help or therapy, in general society. I am also very tight on cash being newly divorced, but decided I could spent the same amount on downloads as I could on a book and perhaps reap even more rewards."

"I purchased several. The first I listened to was ' Overcoming Fear of Rejection' it was on independence in relationships and learning to let go of loved-ones. I found the messages very strong and reinforcing of what I was doing in counseling and in my reading. I am far from cured, but it is a definite positive reinforcement."

"I also purchased one on self esteem - ' Self Esteem Booster' which I've listened to, but I kept falling asleep during it! I can't tell you what the messages are, just that it was relaxing enough to let me sleep at a time that sleep comes hard."

"I would recommend this download to anyone in recovery from love/relationship addiction - they would find the messages very validating and affirming and a positive reinforcement/aid in positive thinking and meditation to their other programs."

This story came from Carrie McKay who is a Marking Communications Manager from Costa Mesa, CA, USA

"What I love about this download is that its easy to listen to (thanks to the narrator Mark Tyrrell), and its non-direct approach"

"I wasn't reluctant to use your downloads as I have downloaded plenty. I trust this website and some of the sessions have been really useful."

"However for this download, Fear of Rejection, I bought and listened to reluctantly as this kind of fear is crippling and upsetting to face head on. I don't know how this deep seated fear started but it is certainly been brought on by the parents I have, who use emotional abuse on me."

"The Fear of Rejection download was useful, but ONLY after I had worked on my unhealthy guilt levels, using the 'Dealing with Guilt' download. It did work unbelievably, the first time coming back to it, my fear was greatly reducedl the second time the fear was under some sort of control and the subsequent times the fear is now a 'concern' (it's not a precise term, I know!). What I love about this download is that its easy to listen to (thanks to the narrator Mark Tyrrell), and its non-direct approach, specially as its deep-seated fear of mine. I will now continue listening to it, hoping to get more benefits from it."

"I would recommend that anyone with a background of verbal/emotional abuse gets this as a bundle, maybe with Dealing with Guilt and the Self Esteem Booster as well as 'Independence in Relationships' as abuse may tie you to that person like it has done to me. Get some sort of freedom with these downloads."

This story came from Michael Sibble who is a Volunteer from London

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