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David leisner

"They worked like magic to help me make better decisions about food, eat slower and exercise more"

I discovered Hypnosis Downloads about 5 years ago when I was searching for a solution to insomnia. After trying many things, I tried your downloads and they worked beautifully. My sleep patterns went back to normal in about 10 days, which was a huge, huge, relief. Last year, I purchased the weight management downloads, and they worked like magic to help me make better decisions about food, eat slower and exercise more. After listening only twice to the Eat Slower download, I double the amount of time I needed to finish a meal (and therefore ate less), and, I swear it was effortless. People often commented on my self control, but it wasn't me! I had been trying to years to eat slower, because I knew it was the healthy thing to do, but I just couldn't quite master it until after listening to the download. Now, truly, it's effortless. Also, after listening to the exercise motivation at night, right before going to sleep, I would practically jump out of bed the next morning, and could hardly wait to start my run.

I have also downloaded some of the parent downloads, the life attitude downloads, and the downloads to help children sleep (for my son) and a few of the "just for fun" downloads, and also enjoyed all of these. I would love to see more downloads for children.

Thanks for offering such a consistently terrific product. I have recommended your website many, many times.

This story came from Tress Ahles who is a Teacher of Shanghai American School from Shanghai, China

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