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What makes your site better than all the other hypnosis downloads sites out there?

In short, we believe it's the quality of our hypnosis and psychology that sets us apart. But here's a bit more information to back that up...

What makes us really stand out from the crowd is that our ever-growing library of hypnosis downloads rests on three solid foundations:

  1. Our broad experience delivering effective therapy to individuals
  2. Our extensive experience in training professional therapists
  3. Our insistence on constantly updated research-based evidence

Plus, every download is worked on by four experienced therapists: Mark Tyrrell, Roger Elliott, Joe Kao and Rebekah Hall.

We have treated hundreds of clients face to face and trained thousands of people in the practical use of hypnosis on our workshops. We have trained hundreds of professionals to become hypnotherapists on our professional hypnotherapy diploma. We run regular online training courses for professionals all over the world in therapeutic hypnosis and in effective approaches to lifting depression and trauma and stopping smoking.

All the approaches we use spring from research-based evidence. Hypnosis needs to be applied in conjunction with sound psychological principles which are tried and tested and up to date. We continually update and improve our downloads and we take feedback from those who use our sessions very seriously.

When you visit any hypnosis site, you should check that the owners can back up their claims with valid research and that the people behind the sessions have a verifiable track record in therapy and training outside the production of downloads.

We have, over the years, focused strongly on offering exceptional customer service, so you can be safe in the knowledge that we are a 'real' company, run by 'real' people with a passion for doing the right thing. Once you use our hypnosis, we want you to continue to do so!

If you'd like to read more, take a look at the Hypnosis Downloads About Us page