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What if I can't be hypnotized?

Contrary to popular belief, nearly everybody can be hypnotized. The belief that only certain people can stems from decades-old research where researchers tried to hypnotize people under laboratory conditions using poor standardized hypnotic approaches. It is no surprise that under these conditions, only a small proportion of people were able to manifest a hypnotic response.

We all this approach (which are still common today), 'softly spoken orders'. We use a different approach to hypnosis - 'uncommon hypnosis' - which enables 99%+ of people to benefit from hypnosis. Those that can't have atypical brain types, and you would certainly know if that applied to you. Our approach to hypnosis uses the language of the unconscious - stories, analogy, metaphor and experience - and we know this because this is the language of dreams. Every night your brain creates stories that you live through (even if you don't remember them) in order to discharge unfulfilled emotional arousal from the previous day. As far as we know, no-one dreams in bullet points.

The truth is that if you couldn't be hypnotized, you'd never have learned anything. To really absorb new information, we have to narrow our focus of attention right down and temporarily exclude other factors - that is, enter hypnosis. This is how all 'learning' works.

Mark Tyrrell, our co-founder, has also written a blog post on this subject.

You can also learn more about hypnosis with our free course 'Learn Hypnosis in 5 Days'.