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What currency do you charge in?

We charge in US Dollars (USD) so if you're not US-based here's some important information about how our pricing works:

  1. Currency Conversion: Even though we're based in the UK, our charges are in US Dollars ($ USD). When you make a purchase, your card provider should automatically convert the USD amount to your local currency on your card statement.
  2. Check Your Costs: To get an idea of how much your order will cost in your own currency, you can use a currency conversion site like This should give you a close estimate, though keep in mind that it may not be exact due to exchange rate fluctuations.
  3. Foreign Transaction Fees: It's possible that your card provider may apply a small fee known as a cross-border surcharge, fee, or foreign transaction fee. In most cases, this fee is minimal. However, we recommend reaching out to your card provider to understand what these charges might be, if any.