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I've got more than one hypnosis download, how should I use them?

Often people get several hypnosis downloads that all support the same goal, such as in one of our hypnosis packs. And with these we recommend you listen to them on consecutive days.

So you might listen to download one on Monday, download two on Tuesday and download three on Wednesday, download four on Thursday, download five on Friday and then start the cycle again.

Once you've listened through them after one cycle, you may find you want to focus more on some titles than others, and that's fine.

If one of your concerns is more pressing than the others (for example, you have that presentation coming up next Saturday) then 'shelve' the others and just listen to the session that relates to the upcoming event.

If you've bought a 10-Step Course, follow the guidelines that you'll find in the introduction in the eBook contained in the course.

If you've bought several hypnosis downloads which are not strictly related, we suggest you focus on the most important issues first and work with no more than two at one time.

So you might listen to two downloads a day (say, one in the morning and one in the evening) for a couple of weeks or until you have achieved the results you want.

Then you could move on to another two for a couple of weeks, then rotate back to the first two. Another way of doing it would be to spend half the week listening to related sessions each day then the second half week listening to two others until you have the results you want.