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How tried and tested is hypnosis? Is it safe?

Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years to help overcome difficulties, boost optimism and positive attitude and even to help physical ailments such as high blood pressure, warts, verrucas and pain. Hypnosis works because the capacity to go into trance and change state is an essential human faculty (although in fact trance behavior can be observed in animals too).

Because hypnosis is a naturally occurring human experience (unlike medication, with its side-effects) it can be entirely good for a person and, used well, is entirely safe.

That said, our approach to hypnosis - 'uncommon hypnosis' is quite unlike a lot of hypnosis you'll come across. Uncommon hypnosis is a more poetic, allegorical, metaphorical approach because this is the language of the unconscious (as evidenced by the use of metaphor in dreams). This approach means 99% of people can benefit from hypnosis, in contrast with traditional approaches which sound more like 'softly spoken orders'.

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