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I have an iPad/iPhone/iPod - how do I add an audio file to iTunes on my computer so I can sync it?

Apple MAC Users

Make sure that you save the download first. Then, to add it to iTunes simply open your Finder, navigate to your Downloads folder and double-click the mp3 file(s) you have saved. This will automatically add the files to iTunes and you can then sync to your device.

Windows Computer & Laptop Users

Make sure that you save the download into your My Music folder, which is located in your My Documents folder.

To get the download onto your device, connect it to your computer as normal.  Once iTunes is up and running you can add the download to your iTunes library by going to:

File > Add File to Library > and then selecting the correct file from your “My Music” folder

Once the download is in your iTunes library, you can then sync it to your device.