Is listening to a download as effective as actually going to a hypnotherapist?

Well, that depends on who you go and see, of course. People have written to tell us they'd had years of therapy face to face but listening to one of our hypnosis downloads was what really helped them.

But it's true that these sessions have to be generic and aren't uniquely tailored to your individual personality or requirements. This is why we address the common features that lie at the heart of all problem behaviors, regardless of differing personalities and circumstance.

For example, all phobias, addictions, performance issues and depressions have certain common features irrespective of who has them.

But it's not just what we say, it's how we say it.

The way a hypnotherapist talks to you, their 'language style' is critical factor in therapy. Our downloads use what we call 'permissive language', which allows for a wide range of difference in temperament and experience among listeners.