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Isn't hypnosis just dealing with 'symptoms' and not getting to the real cause of the problem?

Modern psychotherapeutic theory, backed up by research, no longer supports the notion that therapy can only be successful if you unearth the 'root cause' of a problem. It is also clear that millions of people know quite well why they became depressed or phobic or addicted - but this knowledge doesn't actually help them stop being that way.

It also used to be held that, because psychological 'symptoms' serve a function for the person who has them, 'fixing' a symptom without finding the root cause would only result in the generation of a new 'symptom' to serve that function. This is not borne out in practice. In all our years of treating clients, we have never seen a single example of this. What we do see, very often, is that the original cause of a problematic symptom has disappeared, but the symptom has remained in place because it has become a 'habit'.

Our hypnosis downloads always focus on helping relieve symptoms but also suggest ways that life generally can improve.