Android Users

Where can I get the app?

To access, download, and listen to all your purchases on your Android mobile device, please download our free app from the Play Store.

Important: You'll need to have a free Members Zone or paid Growth Zone account set up with us to use the app, so make sure you have your log in details handy.

If you don't have an account, please create a free one here before you get the app.

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How do I log in to the app?

You use the same log in details for the app and for your account on Hypnosis Downloads, so enter your email address in the 'Email address' field and your password in the 'Password' field. If you'd like the app to remember your details so you don't have to type them each time, toggle the 'Remember my details' switch to on (it will move left to right and turn from white to green, as in the image below):

Tap the green 'Login' button to enter your account.

Important: When you first log in to the app you may see a message saying 'Allow Hypnosis Downloads to access photos, media, and other files on your device?'.  Select Allow - this means the app will be able to download and play/open your orders.


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Help, I forgot my password! / My password isn't working

If you can't remember the password for your account or the password you've entered isn't working, tap the 'Forgotten your password?' link on the app home screen:

On the next screen, enter your email address and tap the 'Email me my password' button. Please allow at least 15 minutes for the email to reach your inbox and check your spam or junk folder to ensure the email didn't get filtered incorrectly.

If you don't receive the email within 15 minutes, please contact us so we can help you reset your password.

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Do I need an Internet connection to use the app?

You'll need an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) to log in to the app and to download files.

If you leave the app logged in, you can view the list of your purchased titles and read or play any files you've already downloaded even when you can't connect to the Internet (such as while in 'airplane mode' on a flight).

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The My Downloads Screen

When you log in, you'll be taken to the My Downloads screen (or you can access it by tapping the menu bar in the top left corner and tapping My Downloads).  From here, you can download files, select audio programs to play, and select scripts to read.

Audio sessions are marked with a headphone icon, written scripts are marked with a paper and pencil icon.  Items that have been downloaded will have a green tick beside them, if they haven't been downloaded it will show a cloud icon.

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How do I download a program or script?

To the left of each title, there will be either a cloud icon or a green tick:

The cloud icon indicates that a file has not yet been downloaded. To download it, tap to the right of the cloud icon, on the file title.  You may see a pop up asking if you want to download the file, so tap OK or Yes.  A progress circle will display and the cloud icon will turn into a green tick when all downloading files have finished.

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When I tap to download, nothing happens

It sounds like you need to check the app permissions. To do this:

  1. On your phone, go to Settings > Apps
  2. Tap on the Hypnosis Downloads app
  3. Scroll down and find 'Permissions':
    1. If this is set to 'Storage', the permission setting is correct so please try deleting the app then reinstalling it.
    2. If this is set to 'No permissions allowed', tap on it and you should see a section that says Storage - switch that so it is on.
    3. Once you've changed that storage setting, try reopening the app and downloading items. If it still isn't working, please try deleting the app then reinstalling it.

How do I play my audio session?

Once you've downloaded your audio session (see above if you need help with this) tap the title to the left of the green tick and you'll be taken to the Player screen. The session will start playing automatically.

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How do I view my script?

Once you've downloaded your script (see above if you need help with this), tap the script title to the left of the green tick to open the PDF viewer screen and read the script.

By tapping the icon in the upper right corner of the script view screen, you can open options to email the script to yourself, open it in your preferred reading app (Kindle), open it in Dropbox, save to Google Drive, etc.

How do I delete a file?

On the My Downloads screen, tap and hold the title of the file you want to delete to reveal the menu.  Tap the Delete button to delete the file.

Please note this won't delete the file from your purchase history, it just deletes the downloaded file from your phone or tablet.

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Some of my purchases aren't listed

Firstly, try refreshing the My Downloads screen (you'll see the refresh icon at the top right of the screen). If that doesn't work, try the troubleshooting steps here.

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The Player screen

The Player screen is accessed by tapping on an audio session you want to listen to from the My Downloads screen, or if you already have an audio session in playback, by tapping the menu icon in the top left of the screen and selecting Player.

Play/Pause: To play your program, tap the center arrow. During playback, this will display as a pause symbol (parallel vertical lines); tap again to pause your program.

Fast-forwarding/Rewinding: To move forward and back within the current program, drag the slider between the time indicators.

Important: Any sessions you play will continue to play even if you navigate away from the Player screen, or switch to using a different app on your phone.  To stop the session from playing simply tap the pause symbol.

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The Search screen

The Search screen, accessed by tapping the icon at the top of the screen, enables you to search your My Downloads (or purchase history) for a particular item.  Simply tap the icon and type what you're looking for (you only need to enter a couple of characters, such as "be", as shown in the example below) then just tap on the one you want.

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How do I log out of the app?

Tap the Menu bar in the top left hand corner of the screen:

Tap the 'Logout' button

Please note that, once logged out, you'll need an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) to log back in and to download files. However, if you leave the app logged in (i.e. just close it instead of logging out), you can view the list of your purchased titles and read or play any files you've already downloaded even when you can't connect to the Internet (such as while in 'airplane mode' on a flight).

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Many issues with the app can be resolved by following one of these steps:

  1. Logging out of the app and logging back in.
  2. Closing the app and reopening it.
  3. Restarting your device.
  4. All of the above: logging out, closing the app, restarting your device, reopening the app, and logging back in.
  5. Updating your device if it isn't the latest version.
  6. Deleting the app and then downloading it again.

If you still have trouble or need help with something else, please contact our Customer Care Team. Once your question is submitted, you should receive an automated email with the subject line 'We're on the case'; this confirms that our system has successfully received your message. If you receive that, you can be assured that one of our support team members will reply to you within 24 hours.

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