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How to stop complaining, right now

When you really want to stop complaining all the time, hypnosis can help you easily make the switch

Stop Complaining

Have other people complained that you're always complaining?

Do you suspect that perhaps complaining has become a habit for you rather than a reasonable response to what's wrong in life?

The British are very bad at complaining. It's in the national character to look on the bright side. When you ask them how they are, you'll often get the response, "Mustn't grumble!" And they don't grumble. The trouble is, not grumbling can lead to someone taking advantage. Shoddy products, poor service, unpleasant behavior, official incompetency, etc all persist because people don't complain enough.

On the other hand, if you take up arms against everything that's wrong with the world (and there's plenty wrong with the world, let's face it), you can find yourself doing nothing but complain. Pointing out what's wrong and demanding that it be put right is a perfectly appropriate response in certain contexts. But if you do it all the time there are some unfortunate consequences.

The consequences of excessive complaining

You've probably noticed these already. It can make you feel pretty down, for example. There is just so much that's wrong, everywhere, and no matter how much you complain, it just isn't possible to get it all put right. It becomes harder to appreciate all the good things that are also out there. And too much complaining can make people shun you. Never mind that you're right, you're just not fun to be with.

Complaining can become a habit

The thing is, making a complaint when you perceive that something is wrong can become a habit without you noticing. When you made your first complaints, you carefully chose what to protest about, and to whom, and how, in order to get very specific results. But you probably no longer do that. You have an 'auto-complainer' that comes out with your criticisms to whoever is within earshot.

What's the best way to switch off an 'auto-complainer'?

Use hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help you easily stop complaining so much

Stop complaining is an audio hypnosis session created by experienced psychologists that will help you easily and quickly transform your 'auto-complainer' into a fully manually controlled 'risk/benefit analyzer'.

It won't turn you into an unbearable Pollyanna-type who refuses to see anything wrong anywhere in the best of all possible worlds. But it will enable you once again to consciously choose your battles and to relax with the imperfections of life at other times.

After relaxing to this download a few times, you'll notice that

  • you feel much calmer and less stressed generally
  • interactions with other people are more relaxed and fun
  • little things no longer irritate you so much
  • you have more energy to devote to what's important to you

Download Stop complaining and enjoy a more balanced view of life.

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Stop Complaining

Narrator: Roger Elliott
Length: 24:44

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