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When and where do you hold workshops on overcoming insecurities in relationships?

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Hello Mark,

When and where will you hold any upcoming workshops on the subject overcoming insecurities in relationships?

Thank you,


This question was submitted by 'Nadja'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hello Nadja,

Thanks for getting in touch. Well, I have no plans right now to offer face-to-face workshops on overcoming emotional insecurity in relationships. However, it's a huge problem for millions, as you can see by the responses to 'Overcoming Insecurity in Relationships', which is the most popular article I've written.

Because I can't be everywhere, go to all towns, and run workshops in all countries, I produced the online '10 Steps to Overcome Insecurity in Relationships', which people can use in private and seem to find really useful. In that way, I can reach a lot of people.

All best wishes to you,


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