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Will hypnosis work as well when I'm doing a jigsaw puzzle?

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I'm wondering if listening to a hypnosis download is just as effective when doing a jigsaw puzzle as it is when just lying down with your eyes closed.

It seems to me like it would be effective since a jigsaw puzzle is just busy work for your conscious mind, as long as I'm paying attention to the session.

This question was submitted by 'Sara'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hi Sara, what a great question!

Certainly disassociation is part of hypnotic experience. Hypnotherapists are often trained to give the conscious mind something to focus on while they communicate directly with the unconscious mind.

If it works for you, then it is the best way for you. If you can still respond to the ideas, suggestions, and imagery of the hypnotic sessions while abstractly doing the jigsaw puzzle and the improvements you seek in your life are happening, then yes, it's a great idea. There is no better way to benefit from and enjoy hypnosis than your way.

All best wishes,


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