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Where can I find what you wrote about 'parts therapy'?

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Hi Mark,

I'm repeating a question that I posted on Facebook.

You used parts therapy in something you wrote in one of your writings, not in a script. I loved the way you used it and can't find it now. Can you find that writing or tell me how you use parts? It was a way that didn't involve finding a bunch of 'roles' for the parts, which I've always found annoying, cumbersome, and not seamless.



This question was submitted by 'Susan'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hello Susan,

It's great to hear from you. I agree that so many therapeutic techniques can seem clunky and cumbersome. I think therapy and, indeed, hypnosis always work best when it feels conversational and natural.

I'm not sure just which article it was (there are so many!), but it could have been '1 Strange Swift Way To Help Your Difficult Clients Really Want To Change', as you commented on that one and mentioned Parts Therapy.

I hope that helps.

All my best,


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