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Is there any value in using hypnosis tracks whilst I sleep?

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Hi Mark,

Is there any value in using hypnosis tracks whilst you sleep? I have purchased some tracks elsewhere that are purposely designed and sold as sleep learning hypnosis, but I'm unsure of the quality of the product (given what I know about the high quality and authenticity of the downloads I have purchased here at Uncommon Knowledge).

Many thanks,


This question was submitted by 'Andrea'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hello Andrea,

I really appreciate you writing in.

This is a great question and, I think, has largely been answered here: 'Will my 11-year-old son still benefit from hypnosis if he sleeps through it?'

There are different levels of sleep. Some, like rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, resemble the hypnotic state. During REM or 'dream sleep', our imaginations are active just as in hypnosis and we seem to be more amenable to suggestion. But this is not the case during slow wave, deep sleep, which makes up about 75% of sleep in healthy people. There is little evidence for the efficacy of 'sleep learning', although it's a popular fad.

So, it might be the case that some hypnotic suggestion may get through during some fragments of REM sleep, but much will be lost to consciousness (and even the unconscious) during the deeper valleys of sleep.

I hope that's useful.

All best wishes,


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