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Am I searching in vain for my inner child?

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First off, I just want to say I'm a satisfied customer of yours. And I want to thank you for all your great work and help.

My question has to do with a life-changing experience I had through hypnosis 17 or so years ago during a session I had with a friend who had just gotten her license to practice hypnosis.

She called her session an Inner Child Workshop. She led me down a stairway to a hallway, through a door to a room where I met with my Inner Child. I won't go into the whole session, but being able to dialog with my inner child led to profound changes physically, as well as emotionally.

I never had another session with my friend because she had to move away suddenly and I have not seen or heard of her since.

I hope I'm not on a quest for the Holy Grail, but I have been on a quest of sorts ever since. Am I searching in vain?



This question was submitted by 'Ruth'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hi Ruth and thank you for your question. And I'm happy you are a happy customer. : )

Well, I'm not sure quite what you are searching for here. Perhaps an experience as seemingly profound as the first time?

Of course, the term 'inner child' is metaphorical (unless someone is pregnant). It's a symbol and, in this instance, listening to 'it' and allowing it to give you guidance was a way for your mind to produce creative solutions even on a physical level. If we can have an inner child, we can have an inner anything, and people certainly talk about an 'inner critic' or even an 'inner parent'.

Some things can seem not so profound or even entertaining, but have a profound impact. So feelings of profundity may or may not be indicative of great benefit.

As this kind of approach is so useful to you, I suggest you experience the 'Wise Advisor' session, which may turn out to be your Holy Grail. : )

All best wishes,


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