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I suffer PTSD from my childhood. Is there anyone who practices the Rewind Technique in the United States?

Hey Mark,

I have been looking through your site and I feel I need the Rewind Technique to help with PTSD from a traumatic childhood. I do not see any information about finding someone who practices it in the U.S. Could you help me with that?

As a massage therapist, I work with emotions trapped in the body regularly. Guided imagery is a regular part of my practice. Could I take the training? How much does it cost? Assuming I could afford it, I would rather not wait six months to do it. Is there any way to take it without waiting for the next round sometime next fall? Are there any other options or suggestions for me?

Thanks so much,


This question was submitted by 'Debbie'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hi Debbie,

The Rewind Technique is getting better known in the United States and certainly we have trained therapists online who live and work there. If you contact our office, we will help you find someone who uses Rewind in the States.

All best wishes,


watch icon Published by Mark Tyrrell - November 14th, 2014 in

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