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OCD is causing my nephew to become depressed. Can he be helped?

My nephew suffers with OCD and it presents itself with irrational fear. He started with symptoms at 14 years old and turns 26 next week. Sadly, he has had to drop out of one university course and is now battling to finish a teaching degree.

He also recently got engaged, but with pressure has become depressed and anxious. Is there any way to help him or will he just have to live with this condition?



This question was submitted by 'Lisa'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hi Lisa and thank you for writing in.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is driven by anxiety and stress. Your nephew, like most people who suffer OCD, probably notices that the OCD flares up worse when he is more generally stressed and loosens its grip more when he feels generally more relaxed. So, of course, regular relaxation will help generally and give him more breathing room as far as the OCD is concerned.

Whether it's compulsive checking, hand washing, or whatever the behaviour, there's a kind of superstitious and ritualistic element to compulsiveness with the non-rational feeling (often rather than a proper thought) that 'if I don't do this, then something bad will happen; if I do this, I can avert something bad happening'.

It would be great for your nephew to work with someone who really understands OCD. If you contact our office and let us know where your nephew lives, we may be able to help you find someone who really understands the nature of OCD and can help him lift it for good. And/or he could try the 'Overcome OCD' program.

There is always hope and there is no reason why he can't control, then vanquish OCD for good.

All best wishes,


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