My mind goes blank when I'm put on the spot

Can you help me find a download for this mental issue I have? In times when I'm "put on the spot", stressed or vulnerable, my mind goes blank, when I need it the most. Sudden loss of vocabulary, can't remember thought or point, can't continue. Basically I freeze up. I'm told it's because I'm not "ready" to face something repressed. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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mark tyrrell

Mark says...

I think the "not ready to face something repressed" idea sounds a bit like out of date psychobabble so I wouldn't worry too much about that!  When we become emotional the "thinking brain" becomes less active. This is known as an "emotional hijacking". During real emergencies we stop thinking so we can act - either by going into the fight or the flight response. So there is a good reason why we feel muddled and confused when we get anxious; nature wants us to respond more quickly than at a "thinking level" so thinking recedes as emotions take over. That's okay in a genuine emergency that requires a physical response but not in work or social situations of course.

I recommend you use Keep a Cool Head hypnosis session.

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