My life has no direction

I need to find motivation and direction, but I am indecisive and feel lost.

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mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hi Kenny,

I'm sorry you have been feeling this way. Motivation comes from meaning. When we feel that what we do in life has meaning, then we can overcome all kinds of difficulties in life. Having a real sense of meaning is a kind of incredibly strong power, as well as a powerful antidepressant.

So what gives us meaning? Making a difference to the world, doing what we love, feeling recognized for what we are good at, good quality relationships, and the learning and mastering of skills all help provide meaning. You also need fun and a sense that life will get better.

You have given me little information, but I am guessing you need to work on your life to increase the completion of the need for meaning. Everyone has a potential positive purpose. Your purpose in life may not be clear to you yet, but it is there nevertheless. Think about how you can live and work in such a way that you can begin to feel your life has meaning. Also check out the 'Why am I Depressed?' article and also 'How to Improve Your Mood'.

All best wishes, life can get better,


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