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Mind drifting in hypnosis

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Hi Mark

I can't seem to stop my mind from wandering during hypnosis. I do tend to daydream a lot anyway and have always been a bit 'dreamy' and not always that focussed. It's like I have a 'chattering mind'. I have downloaded and used your 'focus and concentration' sessions and although I find I have actually started to become more productive in my writing and other work I still worry that, ironically, I am not focussing enough when I listen to these sessions-my mind wanders will I be able to get the very maximum benefit?

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mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Well it sounds as if you are getting benefit from these sessions already. What might be happening is that you have been experiencing a bit of performance anxiety when listening to the sessions, thinking "am I doing this right?" Now the interesting this is that during hypnosis not only is it okay for the conscious mind to wander off and think about other stuff - it can be positively beneficial because in that way it gets out of the way and lets your unconscious mind absorb new more productive patterns.

So my advice to you is to not worry about that when relaxing to the sessions especially because they are already working so well.

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