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Is it too late to salvage my new relationship despite my insecurities?

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Hi Mark,

If I have done some of the things in your 'understanding insecurities' in a potential relationship that has just begun, is it doomed? Can I fix it? Press the 'restart' button?

This question was submitted by 'Eric'

mark tyrrell

Mark says...

Hi Eric,

Everything I write about in the 'Overcoming Insecurity in Relationships' article falls within the realm of normal human experience. That's why so many people relate to that article. Being emotionally insecure to some extent and some of the time in a relationship shows you care about the relationship and again, to some extent, is normal - especially in a new relationship.

So, unless your partner is really intolerant (in which case, they may not be great relationship 'material', anyway) or you have done something truly dreadful or hired a private detective, then there is no reason why your relationship, if you are right for one another, shouldn't thrive and be successful.

All best wishes,


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